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Career Opportunity: Affiliate / Client Acquisition Specialist -
- for Remote Reiki Practice

Metomni, a remote Reiki practice dedicated to holistic healing, is seeking Affiliates, Client Acquisition / Media Marketing - Specialists, Social Media Influencers, & Those Related to the Scope of These~ to expand our client base and help grow our business.

Responsibilities: As our Affiliate, you would be responsible for:

  • Establishing our remote presence

  • Increasing our credibility in the field

  • Attracting new clients to our practice

  • Facilitating our social media imprint

  • Creating content for our blog and website

  • Running email campaigns

  • Reaching out to potential clients to close sales

  • Upholding our Image

Pay Structure: We are offering a commission-based pay structure starting at 20% per service, with the opportunity to increase to 25% after maintaining or exceeding the sales goals; as well as the opportunity for salary - as outlined here.

Attributes: We are looking for those of you with experience in digital marketing, content creation, and sales. Familiarity with the wellness industry and Reiki specifically would be a bonus, but not required. We are also looking for those who are passionate about holistic healing and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to a business with a positive impact on people's lives.

Long-Term Goals: Metomni is committed to expanding our reach and helping more people experience the benefits of Reiki. We have a long-term vision of becoming a leading provider of remote Reiki services, and as our Affiliate / Client Acquisition Specialist, you would play a key role in helping us achieve that goal.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out our application form and create a login here on our webpage. We will be in touch soon. Thank you for considering Metomni as your next career move.

*More Details.

How to start:
1.) Signup
2.) Customize your referral link and promo code
3.) View our Concept Art or Create your Own.
4.) Add words & QC/Link
5.) Quality Control.
6.) Share as Fliers at local businesses, social media, or as you wish - getting consent where appropriate.

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