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The Boat of Being

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Below is standard suggestions, tailor it to what your body says after gaining awareness and evaluating activity type:


Plants, Mushrooms, Algae

Macro Nutrient Ratios

Lipids/Fats 30%

Carbohydrates 40% (mostly complex; however, scale with simple carbs as they provide energy sooner plus the AA profile)

"Protein" (From Amino Acids 30% (AA))

The fourth Macro Nutrient, makes up 65-72% of the body. So do the math to see how much you need to drink to stay hydrated. 1 gallon = 8.8 pounds. On a casual day, a gallon is usually the way, without counting tea or as a cooking ingredient; if that's too much to start, scale it closer to 5-6% of your body weight for each day. Don't forget electrolytes to maintain fluid levels, especially on a hot day brimming with activity, you'll need more to maintain hydration.

Calories per gram

Lipid: 9

Carb: 4

AA: 4

Include those ratios balanced with every intake of food, do not forget water. Without water, the boat you are building, will go no where. The boat is made from fat. The carbs are the crew. The amino acids are the precious cargo.

Full colour spectrum as feasible; light is the source of our nourishment, thus, the ideal red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, tan/brown, black with every meal/snack as best you can.

Balance the doshas:

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

(*Use Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Technique to take pulse before meal prep to observe the self and know what to balance through pacification.)

Six Tastes:

Sweet - v - p - K

Salty - v - P - K

Sour - v - P - K

Bitter - V - p - k

Pungent - V - P - k

Astringent - V - p - k

(The amount of these you will want with each meal will change with your pulse. It is from Ayurverda - the science of life; Vatta - Air/Space, Pita - Fire/Water, Kapha - Water/Earth. Lower Case letters cause decreases/pacification to these qualities; Upper Case causes increases which may lead to imbalances.)

Then, verify your micronutrients to ensure the meal is balanced~

Also, stay away from processed foods and work from scratch when feasible. When you do heat, you will usually see greater benefit for low temperature over longer duration, compared to higher temperature over a shorter span of time. You'll see processed foods make you sleepy and are relatively heavy and have less Prana. Some homebrew or store bought kombucha is also a good remedial measure to take when eating overly processed foods and you can't help it.

Listen to your body, you will gain the awareness as to what it desires to thrive.

Also, get some Sun when you can; you'll feel more like a flourishing plant when you do~ The four macros are important and here is an easy way to visualize their function. *Fat = Boat *Carbs = Crew *Amino Acids/"Protein" = Cargo *Water = Oceans Bear in mind, like Tetris, a Protein can be simplified into a 3 by 3 block as these are the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot make. It's much more effective to build with individual amino acids and complete the chains - placing them where they fit and belong on the upload and out~


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